COVID-19 has forced elderly and immunocompromised people into isolation, and put NHS workers on the frontlines. We’re a matching platform to send these groups essential items at scale.

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For the self-isolated: how does this work?

We deliver essential items during trying times to vulnerable and isolated groups to show compassion and support our neighbors in need.

What’s in our care packages?

To ensure health and safety, we developed our health and safety protocols with a team of doctors.

What resources should I donate?

This is a list of what people are asking for in real-time. Use it to prioritise your donations. 

This data is from our order forms. Name and address are not displayed publicly. This list auto-updates every 15 mins.

For the NHS: how does this work?


We also deliver Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontline NHS workers, like masks, gloves, and suits.

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