Send essentials to self-isolated people and PPE to the NHS.

COVID-19 has forced elderly and immunocompromised people into isolation, and put NHS workers on the frontlines. We send NHS staff PPE and isolated people essential items primarily across London.

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We deliver essential items primarily to vulnerable and isolated groups that fall through the cracks in large-scale charity responses. Our care packs contain food and essential supplies to last one person ~1 week.

We primarily send care packs to beneficiaries that fall through the cracks in large-scale charity responses: vulnerable women with frequent address changes, refugees and migrants with specialised delivery sensitivities, immunocompromised people on the verge of qualifying for official help, etc.

We deliver weekly to the same beneficiaries to support them through these tough times. These deliveries are possible only with your support! 100% of these donations go to sourcing, assembling, and delivering care packs.

£5/ week = 1 care package delivered per week!

Every £5 = 1 care package with week-long supplies to keep a vulnerable person in isolation safe!

£25/ week = 5 care packages delivered per week!

Awesome! You are helping 5 vulnerable people stay indoors with week-long supplies.

£100/ week = 20 care packages delivered per week!

Wow! Your generous donation will help 20 vulnerable people stay safe for a week!

We take our health and safety protocols very seriously.

Together with a team of qualified medical professionals, we established a series of strict guidelines.

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This is a list of what people are asking for in real-time. 

This data is from our order forms. Name and address are not displayed publicly. This list auto-updates every 15 mins.


We send PPE for free to frontline NHS staff, like masks and aprons, by finding the right PPE donors . We also 3D-print visors from our warehouse.

Note: we do our very best to get PPE to the NHS for free. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee we can find you PPE. Click here to see what PPE we have sent.

We 3D-print protective face shields for the NHS

We 3D-print face shields out of our warehouse with with an amazing organisation called Makers4theNHS. 

They used to produce 381 visors a day, but using our space, they can almost double production to 600 visors a day. We also help them deliver these visors to the hospitals for free.

But each visor costs ~£2.50 to manufacture, and we are providing these visors for free. This can be sustained only through your donations. If you can, donate to Makers4theNHS’ GoFundMe below!


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