Health and Safety Protocol

We take our health and safety protocols very seriously.

Together with a team of qualified medical professionals, we established a series of strict guidelines. 

Volunteer screening

Assembling care packages is done by volunteers. All volunteers in our warehouse are screened with the following questions.    

(1) Have you had any of the following symptoms in the past 14 days?
–       Fever
–       Cough
–       Breathing difficulties
–       Muscle pain
–       Sore throat

(2)  Have you been in contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 or with the following symptoms in the past 14 days?
–       Fever
–       Cough
–       Breathing difficulties
–       Muscle pain
–       Sore throat


Washing hands

We ensure volunteers in our warehouse wash their hands according to WHO guidelines.

How to wear a mask?

Social distancing

We ensure volunteers remain at least 2m apart from each other while in the warehouse.


Product sanitisation

Volunteers are divided into 2 groups: one group sanitises products, the other group packs products.

All products arriving in the warehouse are wiped down using anti-bacterial wipes.   

One volunteer disassembles packages, another wipes
New glove for each package.

Wiped products are moved to a designated clean area in the warehouse.

Dirty packaging is moved to a designated waste area.

The designated clean area is cleaned at least once per day. 

Volunteers responsible for packing products have no contact with volunteers sanitising products.

Volunteers do not change groups.


See below flowchart of understanding how our health and safety protocol works:



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