The NHS needs more PPE now.

Do you have extra PPE? Every bit helps.

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Right now, the NHS is treating somebody with coronavirus but don’t have enough PPE. 

That NHS worker is being infected, and the more of them get sick, the fewer there are to treat you.

A clinician can go through easily 60 gowns and pairs of gloves each day. 

And, what equipment the NHS has got isn’t often the right type.

But the protection is out there, and with your help, they can get it. 

The right kind of masks, eye protection, gloves, scrubs and aprons, 

The NHS needs your help, and they need it now.

1. What PPE do hospitals/ GPs request, and in what quantities?

Note: this data is pulled in real-time. It may take a while to fully load. 

2. What are the most commonly requested PPE items (by frequency of request, not absolute quantity)

3. Where are PPE shortages most severe?

Update as of April 20th, 2020. The bigger the bubble, the larger the quantity of PPE requested.

Map is not interactive because data is anonymised.  

4. What is this data based on?

All numbers, charts, and graphs update in real-time based on PPE requests hospitals/ GPs submit via our PPE Request form.

These numbers, charts, and graphs are based on the PPE needs of hospitals/ GPs at the point in time they submit the form. 

5. What are hospitals/ GPs saying?

Do you have extra PPE? Every bit helps.